Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Being a quality conscious firm, we ensure that our clients get high quality products. All efforts are therefore, concentrated on achieving the same. We make use of GNR Spectro Meter(ITALY) to conduct high quality tests which helps us in assuring high end product to our clients.

We are very proud that our quality management system is registered ISO 9001-2015. Our company is committed and dedicated to ensuring the high quality of its recycled products while preserving a clean and safe environment through careful compliance with all environmental standards.

We receive truckloads of graded metal scrap for processing and our massive sorting and storage yard provides us with a facility to prepare different grades of metal alloys. We can then either bale the material or sheer it into acceptable charging products for the production unit.

The scrap sorting sector is a cross between a busy production section and an expansive warehouse and it is under unyielding pressure, every minute of every single day. We believe in simple adage that scrap that is sorted and clean commands a higher market price owing to the ease of subsequent processing through recycling. We employ both hand sorting method - having trained workers literally hand-inspect scrap and sort it one piece at a time by sheer common sense and new technology to accurately sort scrap and unambiguously identify in-process material by specific alloy types.

Quality Control Steps

The quality control steps followed by us are as follows:-

Raw Material

1.Inspecting raw material by Trained Staff.
2.Seperation of different Raw material acording to their grade.
3.Chemical compotion testing by mobile spectrometer


1.After testing of raw material , they are melted in Furnace
2.Appropriate usage of Fluxes
3.Final melt is tested by optical spectrometer and casted into automatic 200 moulds conveyor.Ingots are free from any other impurities and stamped with batch number.
4.Bundles of 500-600kg are made with plastic strapping.

Material Dispatching

1.Bundles are dispatched with test certificates ,alloy grade, and other required informations.